Wishing to bring doujinshi lovers together, COMIC SQUARE is a dojinshi event which strongly believes that comic is a powerful media that connects people across the world. Hundreds of artist assembly here and meet their fans face to face. Foreigners are delightedly welcomed to participate as a visitor, a circle, or an exhibitor. English and Japanese speaking staffs are available.

COMIC SQUARE #3 is scheduled to be held on Sunday, March 10th, 2019 at Ra่jthevee Grand Ballroom,fl.3 , Asia Bangkok Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand


VISITOR: 70THB / person
CIRCLE: Starts from 350THB / 1SP / 2 persons (schedule and registration details below)
EXHIBITOR: Start from 5,000THB / 1 unit / 5 persons (please contact our staffs for more detail)

Keep in touch with us on our fan page Comic Square@ComicSquareTH, or, mail to for any inquiry. (English acceptable / 日本語可能)


Public transit is the most recommended way to come to our event. Visitors and circles are suggested to come by BTS’s Rachthewi Station. Exit at Exit 3. Walk back for 50 meters and the hotel will be on your right side.

If you wish to come by bus, please take a bus no.16, 34, 50, 54, 159 and get off at Asia Hotel stop if you are from Pathumwan junction or no.2, 23, 60, 99 and get off at BTS Ratchathewi stop.

Parking lots are available in Asia Building, 100 meters away from the hotel. Parking fee 20THB per hour, 200THB per day. Free stamp is available at information desk.


1st Round Circle Enrolment (randomizing selection)

FRI September 21th, 2018 AM10:00 – SUN October 7th, 2018 PM11:59
on this event site

Qualified Circle List Announcement

TUE October 7th, 2018
on fan page

Payment Due Date

SUN October 21th, 2018 PM11:59
Payment methods are here

2nd Round Circle Enrolment (first come first serve)

MON October 22rd, 2018 AM10:00 – SUN November 4th, 2018 PM11:59
on this event site

2nd Round Payment Due Date

SUN November 18th, 2018 PM11:59

Cutout Submission Due Date

TUE December 1st, 2019 PM11:59

Menu Submission Due Date

SAT March 9th, 2019 PM6:00

Event Day

SUN March 10th, 2019

Postal-round Menu Submission Due Date

SUN April 7th, 2019 PM11:59


Circle: an independent artist or a group of artists who creates and sells own works in the event. There is no age, nationality, and gender limitation. Circle may not be a juristic person or a representative of its, ex: company, publisher, foundation, profit-aiming or registered organisation. If you are a representative of those regarded enterprises and wish to exhibit in our event, please contact us for booth rental package and more business inquiry.

Regular Space Rental Fee
350THB / 1 SP / 2 Circle Passes
700THB / 2 SPs / 4 Circle Passes
(one circle may not exceed two SPs)

Special Space Rental Fee
750THB / 2 SP / 4 Circle Passes / Larger space with wall, location reservable

Permitted Products

  1. Books
    Comic book, Novel, Light Novel, Art Book, Character Book, and related printed media as characterised as below

    1. Original – Works are wholly or significantly created by circle himself.
    2. Fandom (Fan work, or parody) – Works are wholly or significantly created by circle himself, yet refer to work of others –a title of series, a story, a character, of comic, anime, film, serialized programme, game, etc.– whose the circle is not an owner of its
    3. Community – Works are wholly or significantly created by circle as a member of a community founded no later than December, 2016 and of more than ten members.
    4. Others – Those apart from above that do not violate against other regulations of the event and is considered acceptable to be sold in the event by the organizer.
  2. Doujin Software
    1. Traditional game (ex. board game, card game) and software
    2. 2D animation, 3D animation and other motion graphics
    3. Other multimedia; movie, drama CD, song and other works which organizer considered applicable
  3. Goods
    Handmade products such as a key holder, a notebook, a badge, a cellphone strap, a stationery bag, a sticker, a desktop standee, a doll, made regarding the title, the story or the character in the works whose circle owns
    Goods apart from indicated above will be considered a permission case by case
  4. Commission
    Paid drew-by-order illustration both in-event and post-event
  5. Adoptable
    Sale of character design, may be displayed on hard copy or digitally to advertise the sale on other channels; ex, Facebook, DA. Only set-pricing allowed as auction and randomizing are prohibited regarding circle regulations.

Forbidden Products

  1. Any products that circle does not created himself, especially a counterfeit product that entirely imitates an official products available in the market, or a product that the organizer considers massively manufactured for commercial purpose, not a handmade product or works for leisure
  2. Official products manufactured by a license owner or a licensed manufacturer
  3. Lotto activity
  4. Auction
  5. Those the organizer considers irrelevant to the concept of the event or improper to visitors

Definitions of R-18 products

As there will be several youths, parents, and visitors unfamiliar with doujinshi community on the event day. Circle please kindly consider your product if it is within the scope of R-18 by the definition of COMIC SQUARE and please follow the relevant regulations to keep a good image of overall community.

Definations: R-18 is a goods which displays image or text that is…

  • sexually provocative; nudity, sexual activity, sexually violation regardless the characters are dressed or not
  • violent; physical abuse, corpse, internal organs, swear words
  • unlawful or amoral action; drugs, racial and religious discrimination, crime

Rules of Products

  1. Number of products is not limited per one SP
  2. At lease one book-type or game-and-animation-type product is required per one circle
  3. Fandom product may not use an official logo, visual, or any part of original work.
  4. Fandom goods must be made from a work which actually exists. For original goods, it must be made from a work of circle being sold at the event, or, provable that it has been published before the day of event.
  5. Size of books and goods may not exceed the provided booth space.
  6. Underage circle may not sell any adult-only (R-18) products.
  7. Adult-only (R-18) products are required to clearly indicate its rate to the buyers and the genital part or graphic image must be concealed. Circles and visitors are asked not to open or read in the event. Circle may ask for age identification from the buyers. Selling to underage buyers is forbidden.
  8. Adult-only (R-18) products are not allowed to be displayed on any public media of the event before, on the day of, and after the event. Please do not show any inappropriate part on cutout, menu to be published on the event fan page, menu to be printed and displayed at the circle’s booth, postal-round menu to be published on the event fan page, etc. Excepting that the product does not apparently show an inappropriate content in front, the circle yet still needs to indicate the rate of the product clearly.
  9. A premium is allowed for circle to give to his buyer, yet, must be made by the circle himself.
  10. Circle may not surcharge to influence buyers to pay for a premium with out chances to buy the premium solely. In that case, the premium should be declared and sold independently as another single product.
  11. Any product may not violate laws of The Kingdom of Thailand.
  12. Organizer reserves rights to suspend the selling of product which violates against the rules and is founded in the event, or to confiscate the product until the end of the event.
  13. Organizer’s decision is final.

Rules of Entrance to Event Area

  1. Circle registration opens from AM 9:00 to AM 10:00.
  2. Please present your identity or evidence of application to register.
  3. When registered, a circle pass card will be given to circle but not more than the number of card allocated for each rented SP. Circle will be also stamped on his wrist for unlimited entrance.
  4. Circle who shows up later than AM 10:00 or after the organizer opens gate for public visitors will queue and pay for admission fee the same way as a regular visitor.
  5. If circle comes with members more than card given, only members with pass card will be allowed to entry to the area to set up their booth. The others shall wait outside, entry at the same time, and pay for admission fee as regular visitors.
  6. Only the registrant whose name was enrolled is legitimate to firstly register. If members of circle do not come together, the first registrant is asked to come to pick up the later member and may be asked to present his identification again.
  7. In case of absence or cancellation, please inform staffs ASAP for your own benefits and overall event atmosphere.
    1. Full refund for advance 2 months or longer cancellation before the day of event, or, before floor plan announcement
    2. Half refund for advance 1 month or longer cancellation before the day of event, or, after floor plan announcement
    3. No refund for cancellation later than 1 month before the day of event
  8. Please always hang a circle pass card during the event.


Rules of Booth Decoration

  1. An area of one SP is 90x50x75 cm (WxLxH), a half of shared table.
  2. One chair is provided for one SP. Circle may take an extra chair from the assigned area. Please make sure  that your seat will not cause disturbance to your nearby circle.
  3. Organizer will check and approve your booth approx. 15-20 minutes prior to the event time. Circle may ask organizer staffs to check his booth if he is ready earlier to the time.
  4. Any how, writing, sticking, nailing, that causes damage to the table, chair or any facility and equipment is strongly forbidden.
  5. No products and luggage are allowed to be laid on nearby circle’s space, aisle, or any public area.
  6. A banner of circle name, menu, and price tag is suggested to be displayed clearly.
  7. If circle expects his booth to be crowded of buyers, a last-in-a-row sign should be prepared. Circle may ask for help from staff to manage his traffic.
  8. Booth decoration and structure must be of sufficient strength. Please be sure that your equipment will not collapse or block other guests’ sight.
  9. If the booth is located next to a pillar or a wall, circle may decorate on it anyhow that does not cause damage to the facility or disturbance to the others as ruled above.


Other rules and instructions

  1. Small change should be sufficiently prepared.
  2. A bag or a container of cash is highly suggested to be safely concealed and to be handy to bring together when circle goes out from his booth.
  3. Circle should prepare way to queue and manage his buyers orderly to prevent a disturbance to the nearby circle and other visitors.
  4. No shouting, running, smoking, drinking, and any annoying behavior.
  5. Please dress politely. No cosplay is allowed.
  6. Any circle activities is not allowed beyond their space.
  7. Food and beverage with strong smell or risk of spilling should not be taken into the event area.
  8. During the event, it may be crowded in the area. Please help pay attention to your nearby circle and immediately inform the staff if a person with suspected behavior is seen.
  9. Please keep the area clean. Trash cans are provided in the area.
  10. Please be informed that there may be a photographer of the organizer (with Staff card) or press media (with Press card) around the area. Regular visitors are required to ask the circle before taking a photo with or of his.
  11. Organizer reserves rights to dismiss and penalize the circle who violates against the rules, and is not responsible for any paid rental and damage caused by circle. Rules violation will be recorded and considered for the future enrollment.
  12. Organizer administration is located at the entrance of the area, same spot of circle registration. There will always be a staff patrolling in the event and staffs are more than willing to assist you at any time.